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meet your clever fleet:

Premium e-bikes with world longest range batteries

Smart leasing with insurance, repairs, helmet, anti-theft included

Unique management app with real-time GPS, start&stop, user tracking…

Custom branding on-demand

We offer premium e-bikes

We are proud to introduce our newest product, an innovative electric bike that is packed with features and designed to meet the needs of modern, tech-savvy riders. The bike is fully integrated with the latest internet of things (IOT) technology, allowing you to manage and monitor the bike from your mobile device using a convenient and user-friendly app.

One of the key benefits of this bike is the built-in anti-theft system, which provides you with peace of mind and ensures that you can keep your bike safe and secure, even in busy urban environments.

In addition, the bike is equipped with a powerful Valeo mid-engine and automatic 7-speed gearbox, which provides you with a smooth and comfortable ride, even on challenging terrain.

Perhaps most impressive of all, this bike boasts the world’s longest range for an e-bike, allowing you to travel further than ever before on a single charge. So whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, or exploring new terrain, this bike is the perfect companion for any adventure.

  • IOT product integrated

  • Mobile app to manage the bike

  • Anti-theft inside

  • Powerful Valéo mid-engine with automatic 7-speed gearbox

  • World longest range e-bike

Our embedded smart security and connectivity system is an absolute game changer that leaves no room for thieves to even think about messing with your ride.

With the dedicated CleveRider smartphone app, you have the power to remotely locate and lock/unlock your Bike, get notified about unusual movements, access data and statistics  about usage, and even receive maintenance alerts.

In control, whenever, wherever with “CleveRider” app

We offer tailor-made
financing solutions

Bicycles are an eco-friendly and affordable mode of transportation. Our service offers a variety of plans to best suit your needs. You can select the perfect plan that suits your lifestyle and get access to our bicycles for a fixed monthly amount. The beauty of our service is that maintenance, repairs, insurance, and helmets are all included in the package! You don’t need to worry anymore about the expenses of maintaining your bicycle. Another great feature of our service is that you get to customize your bicycle right down to the brand! You can choose your favorite brand and add personal touches to make the bike uniquely yours. So go ahead and choose a plan that suits you, and enjoy the convenience of having your own bicycle without the additional expense.

  • Choose your plan
  • Same monthly amount
  • Maintenance, repairs, insurance and helmet all included
  • Customize your bikes to your brand

We offer personalization

Our cutting-edge fleet management software is designed to optimize and streamline your operations like never before. With our powerful GPS tracking system, you can monitor vehicle locations and performance in real-time, ensuring maximum efficiency and increased productivity. Additionally, our tailor-made data collection tools allow you to track and analyze a wide range of metrics, from battery level to rider behavior. And with our unique CO2 saved calculation, you’ll be able to accurately track your carbon footprint and see how much you reduce your environmental impact. Best of all, our software comes with a renewable 2 year warranty, giving you peace of mind and providing you with ongoing support and upgrades to ensure optimal results. Choose our SAAS solution for a smarter, greener, and more profitable fleet management experience.

  • Real-time fleet management SAAS
  • Gps tracking system
  • Tailor-made data collection
  • CO2 saved calculation Vs car
  • Carbon footprint
  • 2 year warranty renewable

hassle-free monetization

Choose your bike

Choose your plan

Manage your fleet and services

Increase your revenue

Designed for luxury hotels

MIRAVAL Partnership

Brand Synergies

  • Sustainable
  • Organic & respectful of nature
  • Eco-responsible
  • Lifestyle brands
  • Premium products

Business Opportunity

  • Shared customers
  • Premium positioning and pricing
  • Image builder

This partnership with FUELL makes complete sense for Miraval Rosé – a similar spirit and taste for premium products that allow Miraval to offer amazing products to its most loyal customers.

Marc Perrin, co-owner

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